The statistics are never optimistic when addressing the amount of young adults that "drop out" of church once they graduate high school.  The reasons for this are too many to count, but they are all connected with one word...independence.  There seems to be an estimated 10-year period after high school where young adults are now thrust into society and expected to make massive life decisions regarding college, dating/marriage, family, work, finances, time-management and faith.  Young Adults (referred to as YAs) is for all those in their late teens/early to mid 20s who are in this transitional place in life.   We believe that you do not have to do this alone, and we believe that Jesus has the answers and direction you need regarding the most complicated questions of your life right now.  YAs is a time designed for you, a time designed to share with others in the same place of life, to seek the Bible together and see what Jesus has for us as we, in our independence, come to own our faith by being cultivated through the Word of God toward a personal relationship with Jesus!  

Sunday mornings at 10am!

if you have any questions regarding YAs, please contact Pastor Adam at (812 )607-0291 or