1. How to respond: Contact Kara in the office during office hours. Monday-Thursday 8am-4pm if you would like to provide a needed item/service. - 812-466-3148

2. When you respond, you will be provided with the family's phone number and address if the request is a physical need and you will set up a time to give them the items.

3. How to connect: be a representative of Christ in your actions and words. We are broken people helping broken people. There is always more to the story, don't go in with a preconceived notion. Pray before, during and after. Ask to pray with the family and if they have any prayer requests.

4. Follow up: Check back in with the family - follow up on prayer requests or something they shared with you, invite them to an event you're attending, offer to take the parents to coffee or join the family at a local park.

*See below for current needs in our area

updated on 11.15.23

Current needs

  • refrigerator

    A family of 6 is in need of a refrigerator. This will help preserve a foster or kinship placement.

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  • electric stove

    Mother has been reunified with her children on a trial home period and recently moved into a new home. The home is in need of a working and sanitary stove to ensure children have hot cooked meals. The current stove, left by previous tenants, is unsanitary and unsafe for use. Mother will be utilizing other means of cooking (such as microwave and air fryer) until a stove may be obtained. The stove does not need to be new but should be in good working condition.

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  • 1 twin mattress & bunk bed frame

    Mother has two children ages 6 and 3. Mother is working full time in a factory and has recently moved into a new home. Mother of the children has been trying to get beds for the children, however due to bills and having furnish the entire house all over again does not have the finical means to get the children beds. The children currently have beds however they are very old and falling apart. Mother would like assistance getting a bunk bed with the mattresses if possible, to help improve the children's well-being and prevent further DCS involvement with the family.

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