needs in vigo county

1. How to respond: Contact Kara in the office during office hours. Monday-Thursday 8am-4pm if you would like to provide a needed item/service. - 812-466-3148

2. When you respond, you will be provided with the family's phone number and address if the request is a physical need.

3. How to connect: be a representative of Christ in your actions and words. We are broken people helping broken people. There is always more to the story, don't go in with a preconceived notion. Pray before, during and after. Ask to pray with the family and if they have any prayer requests.

4. Follow up: Check back in with the family - follow up on prayer requests or something they shared with you, invite them to an event you're attending, offer to take the parents to coffee or join the family at a local park.

*See below for current needs in our area

Current needs

updated on 5/31/23

  • twin bedding, twin mattresses, washer & dryer, food,  couch

    A Mother and her 3 children will soon be reunified. Mother has worked hard to participate in DCS services and has gained stable income and stable housing. The family needs assistance with 3 twin mattresses as she already has the bed frames for each one. Bedding for 3 twin beds, a working vacuum(has been donated), a washer and dryer, extra food(had been donated) and an additional couch if available. 

    If you are able to help, go here.