• Sunday: 9am & 11am

    On Sundays we provide two services.  The worship style is unique to each service, but the message from God's Word remains the same in both.  Those who prefer a traditional setting will enjoy the 9am hymns led from the piano and organ.  Those who prefer a more modern feel will enjoy our 11am full band and modern worship song choice.  In both services we are devoted to singing songs that are theologically rich and spiritually edifying.

    As of June 2020, we have 3 morning services on Sundays; 8:30am which is a traditional setting, 9:45am and 11:15am which is a more modern feel.

  • Sunday: 10am bible study

    Each Sunday in between services we offer multiple Bible study classes that are led by vetted and trusted members of FBN.  This is a great hour to fellowship and study the Bible with others.  Whatever your age and season of life may be, there is a class for you.

    As of June 2020, we are not doing Sunday school at this time.

  • Wednesday: 6:30pm Family Night; 5:45pm prayer and monthly meal

    Join us each Wednesday for what we affectionately refer to as "Family Night" given that there is a Bible study experience provided for every age, including: Adult Bible study, Youth Group (7th-12th), Young Group (4th-6th), FBNkids (K-3rd), and Nursery.

    Don't forget about our prayer gathering each Wednesday at 5:45pm before night of ministry begins.  This is a focused time of prayer for the people and processes of FBN.  

    On the first Wednesday of each month, in lieu of the prayer meeting, the church is invited to come together over a meal at 5:45pm.  Always a great time of fellowship.

    As of June 2020, we are not having Family Night at this time.