Welcome to our Website!

We are so glad you are checking us out on the web. It’s not always easy to check out something new when you don’t know what to expect. So before you visit our church, we want you to know a couple of things we hope will help your experience on Sunday morning:

First, we promise not to embarrass you. You won’t be asked to say anything; we won’t make you introduce yourself to the crowd. Just sit back, relax, take part in the singing if you’d like, but don’t feel like you have to. You are free to check this out on your own pace. If you’ve got questions, ask one of our greeters or one of the pastors. They won’t look at you funny or try to sell you anything. Or you can kick back, be anonymous, and enjoy the service. We remember what’s it like to be new!

Second, we won't ask you for money. We commit to you that we won't even pass a plate, saving you that uncomfortable moment. We believe that those who are followers of Christ and call FBN home should give regularly to God's Kingdom. But if you are new, we don't believe that's on you. If you'd like, we would be thrilled to have you fill out one of our guest cards and drop it in the black boxes near both entrances to the worship center. But that's all we ask, the rest of the morning is on us.

Finally, a word about your kids: We know the experience they have is important to you. That’s why we’ve worked hard to provide the cleanest, safest, and most enjoyable experience possible for little ones. After all, we’ve got kids too! Bring them here with confidence, and ask them how they liked it afterwards. We really think they’ll have a great time.

Please scroll down for more of what to expect when you visit us on a Sunday at FBN.  Thanks for stopping by our website! We hope to see you soon!

what to expect on sunday mornings


We have two parking lots, on both the east and west sides of the building.  Feel free to park in either one.  If you parked in west parking lot, make your way into the 4 glass doors. PLEASE NOTE:  For those who need access to our handicap ramp, the West parking lot is the one you will want to use.  From the east parking lot, there is an entrance with steps and a green canopy that you will want to come in.  Our connect team and hot coffee will be waiting for you!


Every Sunday morning we offer two different services. At 9 AM we have our traditional service, and at 11 AM we offer a contemporary service. During the 10 AM hour, we offer a wide variety of Sunday Morning community groups for all ages. Also during the 11 AM hour, we have Kids Time for our Elementary kids downstairs. And all morning long, we offer nursery for your wee ones.

what should i wear?

We have people who come in all types of clothing (from shorts to suits and ties).  We won't focus on what your attire is, we'll just be happy that you are there.  We want to be the type of place that focuses on surrendering our entire hearts to Jesus, and not make a big deal of external things.

will i be asked to do anything?

In short, no.  We do have guest cards that we would love for you to fill out, just so that we can get to know you better.  But if you'd rather not, that's ok.  You won't be asked to stand up or pointed out to anyone.  You can be as anonymous as you'd like, even while we will try and make you feel welcome.