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On Sundays we provide 3 services; 1 traditional and 2 twin contemporary. The worship style is unique to each service, but the message from God's Word remains the same in both.  Those who prefer a traditional setting will enjoy the 8:00AM hymns led from the piano and organ.  Those who prefer a more modern feel will enjoy our 9:30AM and 10:45AM full band and modern worship song choice.  In all our services we are devoted to singing songs that are theologically rich and spiritually edifying.

Service Times

Every Sunday

Traditional service 8:00

Contemporary services 9:30 & 10:45

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At FBN, we offer followers of Christ a chance to join God in the mission He has given us (and every local church) of developing disciples of Jesus around the world.  One of the ways every follower of Christ can be a part is through financial support. If you are a guest, we want you to know that we are not interested in your money, and will not ask for it.  We simply want you to get to know the Jesus that has changed our lives.  If you are a member of FBN and would prefer to give online, we now have that option available to you. Just click on the link below.