Sunday preaching series

Ephesians is a wonderful letter to God's people. It is a letter of encouragement, conviction and depth, covering themes of sound theology as well as practical living. We are excited for the way the Lord will most certainly use this study to shape us from the inside out for the sake of His mission and Gospel. If you desire to grow in your conviction, to dig deep in this faith you claim, and to live it out more boldly, then join us on Sunday mornings for a journey through Ephesians.

Wednesday teaching series

Join us on Wednesday Nights for our Adult Bible study called Hitched..and no, this is not a marriage study :)  Our desire here at FBN is to grow in God's Word, the whole Word. Some Christian voices have said that we as God's people need to "unhitch" ourselves from the Old Testament. We disagree. Rather, we have the full inspired Word of God and we believe we need to remain "hitched" to the whole story of the Bible. So through the course of 2019 we are going to cover 50 of the major events through the Old Testament and New Testament. And through this study we pray people will have a fuller grasp of the complete story of the Scriptures, the timeless truths it holds for us as believers in Christ Jesus, and the constant strain of Jesus that flows through it all.